Offshore companies isan important element in the global business network

Business globally can’t be imagined without offshore companies. They are legitimate companies with limited liability or partnerships that can be established by everyone and used to provide services or sell goods all over the world.

Offshore business is a significant and important part of business in general, all over the world.

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Every businessman should think globally when doing business, because when we think more about it, global business is possible for virtually every type of business, even those that usually function locally such as hairdressers, bakeries, butchers or other similar local businesses. For example, a hairdresser can establish retail for hair styling products that many companies deliver from abroad. A bakery can provide certain advantages in acquiring necessary materials or using protected logos from foreign bakeries. These are just a few simple examples where offshore companies can prove to be beneficial for the global establishment and functioning of otherwise local businesses.

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Establishingan offshore company

It is easy and quick to establish an offshore company if you hire professionals right away. When you start searching, you will find out that there are numerous companies that provide such services. They will establish your offshore company with the name of your choice in one of the jurisdictions with 0% tax on business activities. They provide business services that will also open a bank account and an offshore bank account for your company, establish PayPal payments, and create functional Google Adsense, Amazon and other services.

Why offshore company?

About 2-3 decades ago, there were just a few offshore centers around the world and their functioning was wrapped in mystique. Several professionals were specialized in the area of establishing offshore companies and they used just one or two countries for this. In the last 20 years, thanks to the amazing development of technology and the communications revolution, access to offshore jurisdictions became so simple that the offshore industry developed into an important global business that is accessible from every corner of the world. And one way or another, that involves almost half of all the world’s financial transactions!

Consequently, international financial services centers are no longer a mystery as they were 20 years ago. They are used globally 24/7 and are presently an important part of the world financial system in general.

Future of offshore companies


Major geopolitical changes happened in the world in the last few years. Population is growing at a rate of 90 million annually, 15 million of that number only in China. At the moment, 30% of the labor-capable population is unemployed and everybody wants a higher life standard and better work conditions. This disproportion causes political and economic instability. Governments of both developed and undeveloped countries don’t have any other option but to raise already high tax rates to satisfy their populations’ expectations and to cover expenses of infrastructural improvements.

We don’t need a crystal ball to see that this surrounding is beneficial for offshore companies that will continue to develop and grow. At the same time, users of international financial service centers are becoming more demanding. They expect quality service for a reasonable price, sophisticated financial services and confidentiality above everything else.

Future users of financial advisors’ services will want providers that are able to deliver professional assistance and successful solutions in the following areas:

  • harmonization of business with legal framework
  • functional communications
  • specialization
  • verification of quality (of provided services)
  • complete infrastructure
  • stability
  • adjustability

Practical examples of offshore companies

Offshore companies are very versatile when it comes to their business options and areas of work. We see offshore activities in large companies, family businesses and individual clients. Clients that engage in offshore businesses operate both locally and internationally in a variety of business activities such as: art, agriculture, banking, construction, distribution, electronics, import, engineering, tourism, hotel business, manufacture, export, show business, textile industry, trade, etc.  Keep on reading to discover in more detail the benefits of an offshore company in specific cases.

  • International trade

International trade is particularly popular for offshore companies established in low-tax areas. Companies in this case benefit in tax savings when they perform intermediation in international transactions. When an offshore company acquires products from one country and then sells them in other, profit can be accumulated in an offshore company bank account without previous taxation of profit.


For transactions within the European Union, the majority of offshore companies are established in Great Britain. For this type of business, it is imperative to register a tax number-VAT. For example, if for a UK company the source of products is located in France and they plan to sell products in Italy, the UK offshore company has to notify the French company of its VAT number, in which case the French company will not add tax on the added value on the price. After that the UK company has to get the VAT number of an Italian company and will not have to add tax on the added value on their price. This way of tax-free business is possible only in certain types of business structures.

Creating expenses with a company established in a low-tax jurisdiction can be one of the ways to transfer funds and decrease your tax basis in a jurisdiction with otherwise high taxes.

  • Investments

Companies and individual users regularly use offshore companies for their investments. They use an offshore company to purchase bonds and other investment products, and property in funds is invested in banks and equities. Many clients organize their health insurance and pension rent savings over their offshore company.

Individuals with high income often use their offshore companies to invest in different markets in different countries. Through such a holding company, they achieve a high level of privacy and decrease expenses that would otherwise happen due to organizing and maintaining business entities in every individual country. In regard to that, offshore companies can also be used to plan an inheritance to cut down on the period related to proving the validity of testament.Choosing a politically and financially stable jurisdiction decreases the risk that a client can encounter in his own country or other third unverified jurisdiction.


Individuals who get a provision for jobs performed in construction, engineering, the airplane industry, finances, programming, the movie industry or other forms of show business can achieve significant savings if they establish a dislocated offshore company. Such a company can arrange jobs and perform professional services outside of the country where an individual physically resides. This way income tax will be significantly decreased.

  • Holding companies

In a case of dividend payment, the offshore company will achieve significant savings because it is registered in a 0% region. For example, a company registered on Mauritius can invest in companies established in India and use the benefits of bilateral agreements signed by these two countries (that in practice means a tax free business).

Offshore companies – why they are a popular business choice

Offshore companies and providers of consulting services in this business area are becoming more popular. The fact that financial advisors are growing in number means that competition among them is increasing. Political and economic factors have positively affected the growth in number of offshore companies and the industry in general in the 1980s and 1990s – and will also positively affect further offshore industry development in the years to come. These positive factors for the development of offshore industry are:

  • political and economic instability
  • globalization and deregulation of the global market
  • internationalization of business
  • decreasing market limitations
  • tendency toward global economic development

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Besides the mentioned political and economic factors, there are also tax related factors that have an effect on the growth of offshore industry, and these are:

  • possibility for tax return
  • high tax rates
  • existence of multilateral agreements

Offshore statistics

Approximately 60,000 offshore companies were established in 1997 in various Carribean offshore centers. The most popular center was BVI that has registered over 200,000 offshore companies to date – there were over 35,000 offshore companies registered in just one year.

It is estimated that approximately 15,000 offshore companies are registered annualy in Hong Kong and approximately 50,000 in other offshore jurisdictions. This means that over 130,000 offshore companies are being established every year, all over the world.

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Different profiles of offshore users

  1. A) Individual users

Individual users with high income but alsoimmigrants and refugees use offshore companies.

Individual users with high incomes are usually from Europe and North America, but these days there are users that originate from Asia or South America as well. This trend will continue in the future years. Today’s individual users are more demanding than in the previous decade.

Immigrants and refugees are also an important group of individual offshore users. Immigrants are individuals who have dislocated from one country to another and refugees are individuals who currently stay in one country but plan to return to their country of origin sometime in the future. They have left their country of origin due to political, social or other type of instability, in search for better living conditions.  They are looking to find financial security abroad as well as better economic opportunities.

  1. B) Businesses as users

Financial institutions

Large companies

Companies with special demands

Private equities
Financial institutions use offshore services more often these days. An important change in this trend happened with the establishment of the global European insurance market. With the new European legislation, insurance houses from EU countries can offer insurance to people from other EU countries.•

The diversity of global investments has also positively affected the growth in number of equities. Due to the EU monetary union, this growth will continue because it enables investing outside of the country of origin. Funds in offshore companies grow at double speed than in domestic companies. This draws in investors and promotes investments on new markets.

Every major world bank has recognized the potential of private banking in offshore jurisdictions.

When it comes to multinational companies, they are also fond of offshore centers for their international activities.

They use it for:

  • registering holding companies
  • direct foreign investments
  • establishing new company headquarters
  • increasing funds
  • new stock market players