About Me

In the present time of difficult business conditions due to the global economic crisis and almost daily change of financial regulations, it seems that it has never been more difficult to ensure the harmonization of business activities with current regulations and market conditions. It is very important to organize and coordinate business activities to strictly follow the current legal framework, while at the same time finding the optimum course of action to achieve the highest possible profit.

We are professionals with extensive expertise in the area of business consulting for a variety of financial solutions, including off shore companies. Our expertise will help you establish an optimum tax strategy and business action so that you can optimize tax activities and decrease your tax risk.


We advise our clients on an entirety of financial and business activities, including planning and structuring tax payments, communication with authorities and possible dispute resolution, the optimization of tax payments for business profit, the establishment and activities of offshore companies, etc.

We provide our clients with financial services in the area of foreign investments, taking into account the structure of investment and the company’s area of activity, with a goal to help you take advantage of the tax system.

Covering a wide array of financial services is possible because we have professionals whose expertise are continuously upgraded and invested into. Additionally, for certain projects we hire outside experts that have the necessary expertise.
Establishing a company

We are a reliable and safe partner when you need help establishing a domestic or offshore company. Our services cover the needs of our clients globally, and we are qualified to help with every business need and activity because we have professionals of every necessary expertise (lawyers, financial experts, accountants, etc.).

We can establish an offshore company for you with the name you choose, in a country of your choice, in a matter of days. At the same time, we can offer you companies that are already established and ready for doing business.  We establish off shore companies in countries that have 0% tax (International Business Companies – IBC) such as the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Mauritius and Belize. IBC companies are confidential and have adaptable legal forms that pay a fixed annual business tax (annual license fee), with the added advantage to do business without accounting. We can also establish companies with limited liability (“LLC”). We can also help you set up a company’s headquarters and offer services of registered agents.

Accounting services
If you are in a need of reliable accounting services, we can deliver these services as well. Authorized accountants will prepare all necessary financial reports, including the most complicated financial revisions.
Advisory services

Tax advising and financial advising are at the core of our professional expertise. With professional assistance in all areas of financial activities, your business can only thrive.


Every business needs a high level of confidentiality and data protection to stay safe from possible problems and interference of third persons with their accounts. Our clients want to know that their classified data is safe with us, and this is where we excel. With us you can count on complete data protection, thanks to the most advanced computer protection software and personnel that highly values loyalty and professional dedication.