1. How can I get financial counseling services?

It is easy to get in touch with us. Contact us by e-mail, by phone or by the online inquiry form on our web page. Our professional and friendly staff will explain to you how we provide our services and will prepare the best solution for your particular business needs. After your request, we will analyze your business and send you a contract form that will define our future business cooperation.

  1. Why do I need financial counseling services?

Every company benefits from financial counseling because the current global economic crisis affects all businesses, even the largest ones. Companies have problems with liquidity and solvency. In order to solve such problems, a company needs to optimize the structure of their source of financing and control the funds flow with the highest efficiency. Financial consolidation, optimizing and control of funds flow are tools that will ensure a company uses available resources in the most efficient way to improve business results.

  1. What is investment counseling?

In order to achieve business success, companies have to be one step ahead of their competition. To achieve this, companies need to plan ahead when it comes to capital and other investments. Financial advisers help the company in every stage of doing business, from developing and preparing business ideas, to finding funds to make this idea a reality. The preparation of an investment plan is a basic precondition to get necessary funds from the bank or another similar source. Advisory in regard to controlling funds flow is necessary to achieve and maintain financial stability and liquidity.

  1. How is it possible to develop innovation capacities in a company?

In the present era of globalization and the definite wish of everyone to do business globally, a company can stay competitive only if it has a strongly developed innovation culture that enablesthe constant development of new, competitive products and services. Every company can be innovative because inovation isn’t necessarily a product of coincidence or a lucky case but a systematic approach to innovation and work. An innovative approach enables the development and creation of exciting new products and services as well as a corporative culture in the company. Unfortunately, not many companies control innovation and invest in it. Don’t be one of those that make that mistake.

  1. How to prepare and implement strategic development options in a company

When a company achieves set goals in a defined market, i.e. in its business area or technology, and when it manages to achieve set financial performance, one might ask how to ensure further growth in the market or how to achieve sustainable competitiveness. Is it a good idea to invest more and in what?Is it a good idea to connect with a similar company or to buy a smaller company in the same branch? Many companies in this situation need someone trustworthy to provide objective and impartial advice. Consult us to get the professional advice you need.

  1. How long will it take for you to prepare a business plan?

When we get an individual inquiry, we will take into account all aspects of the project, business size and goals that want to be achieved. With all the aspects in mind, we will be able to determine the period of time that will be needed to prepare a project for you as well as the period of its implementation. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.