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Technical Analysis on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, October 13rd,2015

Technical Analysis on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, October 13rd,2015

European Central Bank Governor Draghi addressed that a bond-buying program involving thousands of billions Euro would be adjusted on its scale, content and deadline. Analysts from the world’s leading investment bank consistently believe Eurozone’s easing policy may drag the Euro down. With that being the case, we believe the EUR/USD pair may drop down that provides us opportunity of buying put options. We have to wait a further break through above 1.1400 to determine the moving direction. EUR/USDAs the EUR/USD continues to drop back with correction with its MACD shrinking, we can mainly buy put options during the session today. We may have to wait for adjustment to buy call options from afternoon session to evening session. Support:1.1340/1.1324/1.1280Resistance:1.1385/1.1403/1.1459

GBP/USDSince the GBP/USD pair continue to drop down with correction, put options can be purchased and suspended at 1.5280. We have to wait to confirm the bullish sentiment for the bearish movement may continue. Support:1.5280/1.5245/1.5250Resistance:1.5360/1.5394/1.5414

USD/JPYThe USD/JPY is traded with slight bearish sentiment that provides opportunity of buying put options during the morning session. Put options can be suspended when it bounces to 120.20.Support:119.60/119.00/118.32Resistance:120.11/120.45/120.70

[Tips]All the information mentioned above is for reference only. FX77 Option team will keep an eye on the market and set the trading strategies specifically. If you are looking for more real-time signal-providing services and investment instructions, please follow us.

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