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AUD Resilience Leaves Risk Back To .9520/30

AUD Resilience Leaves Risk Back To .9520/30

AUD resilience leaves risk back to/ through .9520/30 into mid-Oct

  • A solid end to the week to breakout above the Tuesday rebound range for a notable rejection of a more negative tone having held ahead of firm support at .9225 last week.
  • We still see risk back higher through minor resistance at .9455, and into this week back through the probed .9520 target (38.2% retrace of the 2013 sell off) and .9530 peak.
  • Moreover, this would aim up towards chart/ 50% retrace targets, .9665/9725 with overshoot threat to the falling 200-DMA, now .9815.


  • Below .9270 eases bull risks, only shifting to a neutral tone through .9225.

Please see latest audio-visual analysis here:


AUD/USD” title=”Daily AUD/USD” src=”” height=”471″ width=”618″>

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