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Companies roll out initiatives to keep employees’ kids engaged at home

Companies roll out initiatives to keep employees’ kids engaged at home

BENGALURU: As parents around the country get used to the new reality of working full-time while simultaneously taking care of their children at home, India Inc has stepped in to help.

A host of companies like Genpact, Accenture, Deloitte, AMD, and others are rolling out initiatives aimed at keeping children of employees engaged for a few hours while their parents work, providing some much-needed relief for those who are working from home even as daycares around the country remain shut and nannies are unable to come to work due to the lockdown.

Employees can now get access to parenting communities that provide guidance on engaging children as well as access to content sourced from experts, get their kids to interact with kids of colleagues in other locations around the world, enrol them in virtual summer camps, and there are even classes on coding for young children so that they can use this time at home to pick up a useful new skill.

“Employee engagement has now assumed new dimensions to include family engagement as well,” SV Nathan, chief talent officer at Deloitte India, told ET. The firm has introduced webinars to help parents learn how to keep children engaged in a constructive way – which include craft and cooking activities.

Genpact has launched iSupport – a parenting community to provide tips and guidance to engage children, which gives parents access to content sourced from experts. The company has also created a Microsoft Teams group, to serve as a resource hub for employees.

At software and services provider Amdocs, employees from various offices around the world have put together coding tutorials for children of employees who want to pick up the skill.

“These are not easy times – the need to stay home for such a long period, the change in routine, the need to cancel plans, maybe even miss important events, take their toll. We wanted to ensure employees have available resources to help themselves – and their children – through this new reality,” said Judith Yampolsky, head of human resources, Amdocs.

Semiconductor company AMD has partnered with a leading daycare provider to run virtual sessions for parents, for them to understand how to better engage their kids, said Fathima Farouk, head of human resources, AMD India.

Accenture has rolled out a virtual summer camp under its existing ‘Parents at Work’ programme.

The company has also tied up with a partner to host virtual hobby lessons for children of similar age groups, and has created a resource centre on its Vaahini app with a number of DIY tutorials and logic-based learning activities such as treasure hunts and puzzles, said Lakshmi C, managing director and lead – human resources, Accenture in India.

Hinduja Global Solutions has introduced activities for kids for a couple of hours in a day in different age categories – rhymes, craft work/origami and story-telling for younger kids, or fireless cooking for slightly older kids.

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