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Daily Currency Outlook: GPB/JPY And EUR/JPY : January 04,2018

Daily Currency Outlook: GPB/JPY And EUR/JPY : January 04,2018

GBP/JPY Daily Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 151.60; (P) 152.20; (R1) 152.67;

With 151.51 minor support intact, rebound from 149.40 is expected to continue to 153.39 resistance. Break will resume medium term rally. On the downside, below 151.51 minor support will extend the corrective pattern with another fall through 149.40 before completion.

In the bigger picture, outlook is mixed up a bit with last week’s sharp decline. But still, as long as 146.96 key support holds, medium term outlook remains bullish. Rise from 122.36 is in favor to extend to 61.8% retracement of 195.86 to 122.36 at 167.78. However, break of 146.96 support will indicate trend reversal. And the corrective structure of rebound from 122.36 will argue that larger down trend is resuming for a new low below 122.26.

GBP/JPY 4 Hours Chart

GBP/JPY Daily Chart

EUR/JPY Daily Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 134.81; (P) 135.15; (R1) 135.51;

Intraday bias in EUR/JPY is neutral for consolidation below 135.62 temporary top. Further rise is still in favor for the moment. Break of 135.62 will extend the medium term rally to 61.8% projection of 114.84 to 134.39 from 132.04 at 144.12. However, break of 4 hour 55 EMA will bring deeper pull back to 134.37 support and below.

In the bigger picture, medium term rise from 109.03 (2016 low) is seen as at the same degree as the down trend from 149.76 (2014 high) to 109.03 (2016 low). Sustained break of 61.8% retracement of 149.76 to 109.03 at 134.20 will pave the way to key long term resistance zone at 141.04/149.76. However, break of 132.04 support will suggest medium term topping and will turn outlook bearish for deeper fall back 55 week EMA (now at 128.34).

EUR/JPY 4 Hours Chart

EUR/JPY Daily Chart

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