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EUR/USD: Mixed Sentiments On The Dollar

EUR/USD: Mixed Sentiments On The Dollar

Thursday’s forecast had a bit of a turmoil, and with a few issues with some pairs having the strength to punch though our blue zones, the Dollar has been hard to read. Japanese Yen still seems to be getting ready for some strong moves in the near future. At the moment we seem to be having a clear direction on Yen while US Dollar seems to be picking a direction, overall in the long run the Dollar has been weak. Today we are going to take a mixed outlook on US Dollar while Japanese Yen could Strengthen. Adding two hedged pairs to offset the trading risk. Happy trading everyone!! Forecasts OutlookUS Dollar: Mixed SentimentsToday we’re expecting the EUR/USD to proceed Short below the barrier levels of 1.32283 and 1.32580.Fundamental Watch– Construction PMI- Non-Farm Employment Change- Unemployment Rate- FOMC Member Bullard Speaks


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