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EUR/USD To Proceed Short Below 1.13617 And 1.13920

EUR/USD To Proceed Short Below 1.13617 And 1.13920

Good morning. Hope all is well! We have only had a 43% accuracy on our predictions for yesterday. This was mainly due to US dollar and Japanese yen being sidelined, should have approached a mixed sentiment for these two currencies yesterday. Australian and US dollar pairs are on our watch list today on account of the fundamental watch. Going to take a mixed stance for today. Adding three hedged pairs to offset the risk. Happy Trading!

Forecasts OutlookUS Dollar: Mixed Sentiments

Today we’re expecting the EUR/USD to proceed Short below the barrier levels of 1.13617 and 1.13920.

Fundamental Watch– Private Capital Expenditure q/q– Prelim GDP q/q– Unemployment Claims


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