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GBP/CAD – Huge Volatility After BoE Decision

GBP/CAD – Huge Volatility After BoE Decision

GBP/CAD – huge volatility after BoE decision

Today huge volatility occurred at currency pairs with GBP. It was caused by BoE decision on interest rates. That decision was consistent with forecasts which mean interest rates stayed at the same level. There were a hesitance on the market and just after decision GBP/CAD sharply fell to the 1.9890 level and as quickly rebounded. That level was three months support. BoE statement was unequivocal from one side rates hike is possible and from the other lowered the forecast for inflation.

Currently there are two important levels: 1.9890 (support) and 2.0350 (resistance). Break below indicated support will lead price to 1.9730 and next 1.9480. However break above resistance 2.0350 will be a good signal for the bulls and lead price to 2.0540 and next 2.0930.

Time-frame H4

GBP/CAD 4 Hour Chart

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