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Government focused on making education vibrant in Budget FY22: FM at IIMA

Government focused on making education vibrant in Budget FY22: FM at IIMA

The government has focused on improving allocation to education in the Union Budget FY22 such that in the long term Indian education becomes a lot more vibrant, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said at IIM Ahmedabad on Friday.

“That the desire for encouraging twinning programmes in hopes of getting a world class university certificate and technologically driven tools like optical fibres even at the panchayat level will add to the betterment of education in the country. Hence there has been a conscious attempt in improving the funding of education,” she said when students at the institute asked her about the rationale and steps taken by the government to ensure quality education.

“The New Education Policy, the schemes under it and the long term vision under which the NEP looks at making the Indian education a lot more vibrant, has received due consideration in the budget making process,” she added.

She added that there was a huge potential of digital learning in the country across states, especially for the ones who have lesser access to it. She also threw light on the need for skilling and up skilling across industries and its success rates with a focussed approach. She added that the Indian economy was on a rebound and recovery is expected in the coming year.

Sitharaman was interacting with students during a session on ‘The Economic Rebound and the Indian Economy in 2021 and Beyond’ hosted by IIMA’s JSW-School of Public Policy.

Several points such as disinvestment targets of PSUs and government’s approach towards it were discussed during the session. Concerns of consumers bearing the high costs of fuel today and government’s efforts towards resolving these challenges also came up during the discussion.

Sitharaman encouraged the students to expand their boundaries and said, “My only request to you is spare sometime for the country and the nation to get stronger. India needs your support. Concentrate on yourself but also concentrate on making India brighter and smarter.”

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