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HackerEarth revamps leave policy in move to strengthen focus on inclusivity

HackerEarth revamps leave policy in move to strengthen focus on inclusivity

Bengaluru: Developer assessment and interview solutions provider HackerEarth has revised its leave policy as part of ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and equitable workplace with equal opportunity.

As per the new introductions, under the paternity leave policy, male employees (inclusive of trans/non-binary people) are eligible for up to 30 days leave within six months; also allowing them to break up the leaves either before or after the delivery of the child.

This is also applicable for employees looking to adopt under the ‘paternity leave for adoption’. This initiative allows both parents to be equally present for their child’s upbringing.

Also, with greater emphasis on physical and mental well-being, HackerEarth has also rolled out period leaves for its female employees (inclusive of trans/non-binary people).

All of these recent initiatives are aimed at creating a more sensitive and caring atmosphere in the office.

“As an organisation, we have always had an unbiased approach to our policies. I’m glad our women don’t have to worry about speaking the dreaded ‘P’ word in office anymore, or our men don’t have to take last-minute work calls when on a diaper-shopping spree”, Swetha Harikrishnan, HR director at HackerEarth, told ET.

These new leave policies have kicked in globally across all HackerEarth offices effective November 1st.

HackerEarth is a global company that helps large enterprises recruit and evaluate developers based on specific skills. The company’s platform enables recruiters to make the most accurate and informed decisions about candidates, improve hiring efficiencies and ensure the right developers are matched with the right positions. HackerEarth is also a leading facilitator of online hackathons and coding challenges, where its community of over 4 million developers can upskill and practice for employment interviews. The company was founded in 2012 with offices in San Francisco and India.

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