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Healthcare workers from Indian subcontinent stranded home urge UAE government for their early return: repo

Healthcare workers from Indian subcontinent stranded home urge UAE government for their early return: repo

Healthcare workers from the Indian subcontinent, who have contributed to the UAE’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently stranded in their home countries due to the flight ban, have urged authorities in the Gulf nation to take steps for their return to the country, according to a media report on Thursday.

The healthcare workers, who mostly hail from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, are currently stranded in their respective countries and unable to return to their work place in the UAE due to the ban on flights caused by the devastating spread of coronavirus cases in the subcontinent, the Khaleej Times reported.

The healthcare workers were on vacation in their home country when the UAE announced a travel ban on passengers from the Indian subcontinent, the report said.

The health workers have also said that the UAE government should at least allow those who have been vaccinated.

“I’m an employee, a front-line nurse in Dubai, working for a reputed hospital and serving people. I went to India on vacation on April 1st after successfully fighting the second wave of COVID-19 in Dubai. But I’m unable to fly back to Dubai,” Sandhya, a registered nurse, was quoted as saying to Khaleej Times in an email.

She said she might lose her job if doesn’t return to the UAE on time.

Healthcare workers are in high demand since the outbreak of the pandemic last year.

Many healthcare facility operators expanded their operations and workforce, especially nurses.

Another UAE resident Sanjeev Kumar, who works for a medical centre, is also stuck in India due to the flight ban. Since Kumar received the vaccine in Dubai, he urged the UAE authorities to allow those stranded residents who are vaccinated to return, the report said.

He requested that work permit holders should be allowed to return to the UAE because their families survive on their salaries.

UAE is among the nations which have taken strictest measures to control the coronavirus spread in the country. Till now it has reported 561,048 confirmed cases and 1,661 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker.

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