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Metals And Oil Dragging Commodity Currencies Higher

Metals And Oil Dragging Commodity Currencies Higher

Gold, silver, and oil all moved higher and as a result brought many of the commodity currencies with them.

The Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar are putting in highs vs the U.S. dollar not seen since late July as both gold and silver are breaking above key levels trendlines and catapulting higher. Take a look at the price action below to see how the commodities and currencies are moving together.


Gold Futures Daily Chart


Silver Futures Daily Chart


AUD/USD Daily Chart


NZD/USD Daily Chart

Similarly, with West Texas Intermediate Crude Intermediate Futures moving higher, it is also carrying the Canadian dollar and the Norwegian krone higher. Both Canada and Norway are oil export led economies. As a result, the movement of crude oil effects the currencies of both those countries.

Crude Oil:

Crude Oil Futures Daily Chart


USD/CAD Daily Chart


USD/NOK Daily Chart

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When looking to trade commodity currencies, always make sure to check the underlying commodity to see if it could be ready for a big move. If so (and all else equal), associated currencies may move with it!

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