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PM to launch Global Housing Technology challenge in January to build bank of new construction technologies

PM to launch Global Housing Technology challenge in January to build bank of new construction technologies

NEW DELHI: Six cities, six technologies and six construction companies – this would be the setting of Global Housing Technology Challenge which would be unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the next two weeks and would provide India a basket of new technologies to build cost effective houses in less time.

The technology challenge would provide the six companies one year in which they would have to undertake construction of 1,000-odd houses. The projects, which would act as lighthouses, have been chosen in Lucknow, Indore, Rajkot, Chennai, Ranchi and Agartala. The highest number of houses 1,152 would be constructed in Chennai through pre caste concrete construction system. Other projects include 1144 flats in Rajkot through monolithic concrete construction technology, 1040 flats in Lucknow through stay-in-place formwork system, 1024 flats in Indore through prefabricated sandwich panel system, 1,008 flats in pre cast concrete construction system in 3D precast volumetric and 1,000 flats in Agartala through light gauge steel structural system and pre-engineered steel structural system.

The ministry of housing and urban affairs had targeted to open the grand challenge before Covid-19 outbreak. However, with successive lockdowns the competition was delayed. Now with construction activities picking up, the challenge would be unveiled over the next two weeks with work on projects to begin in January. The projects would have active participation from the states. Modi would unveil the projects in the presence of state chief ministers, who are likely to give more support to the new technologies.

The six companies, which have been chosen on a competitive basis to implement six technologies used globally, would compete to showcase the technologies. The project to be completed fastest would be considered the winner and is expected to get a prize money of Rs 1 crore. The housing projects would act as live laboratories for different aspect of transfer of technologies to field application, such as planning, design, production of components, construction practices for students, architects and builders.

A senior ministry official told ET, “The technologies would ensure quick delivery of housing projects. At a time when the private sector wants quick returns on its investment, technological interventions are crucial.”

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