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The Times of India-Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2015 to recognize India’s smartest buildings

The Times of India-Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2015 to recognize India’s smartest buildings

A breakthrough new tool, Honeywell Smart Building Score™, to assess building smartness

A few months back, Honeywell – a Fortune 100 technology company and industry leader in building automation – in partnership with EY and IMRB, surveyed 2,000 buildings across eight cities to assess building smartness in India. The survey used the Honeywell Smart Building Score™, a breakthrough new tool developed by Honeywell, to evaluate these buildings on their use of technologies to offer a green, safe, and productive environment – three key outcomes of smart buildings.

The Honeywell Smart Building ScoreTM focuses on a large range of active technologies used in a building; this makes it relevant over the useful life of a building, and not just during the construction phase. This score is a new and unique evaluation framework that can be used by a cross-section of stakeholders such as users, occupants, developers, and policymakers; across countries and geographies; and in a balanced manner across the three broad outcomes of smart buildings – green (energy efficiency, flexible heating and cooling systems, and efficient use of natural resources), safe (access control, surveillance and intrusion monitoring, fire and life safety, emergency communications, and health and safety systems), and productive (uninterrupted power supply, wired and wireless connectivity, indoor air quality, lighting, and management of people, vehicle and cargo movement).

Buoyed by the response to the Honeywell Smart Building ScoreTM and to the initial survey of 2,000 buildings, Honeywell is now partnering with The Times of India and KPMG (process validators and evaluators), to use this tool to assess and award the smartest buildings across the country. The Times of India-Honeywell Smart Building Awards was launched on 16th October in Delhi, and will recognize the smartest buildings across different verticals in the public and private sectors. Any facility manager or building owner can enter the competition, shortlisted entries will be validated by KPMG, and finalists will be declared at The Times of India-Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2015 to be held later this year.

Finalists and winners will help set benchmarks for other buildings, and encourage investment in smart building technologies and sustainable infrastructure, to better serve India’s rapidly urbanizing population and the move towards realization of India’s Smart Cities vision.

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( Originally published on Oct 19, 2015 )

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