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Trading The AU RBA Interest Rate Decision Release, September 1, 2015

Trading The AU RBA Interest Rate Decision Release, September 1, 2015

AU RBA Interest Rate Decision today is expected to remain unchanged today, with RBA now taking a neutral stance, any change to that sentiment will surely change AUD’s short-term trend; therefore we will follow the plan below if there is a surprise today…

Here’s the forecast:

12:30am (NY Time) AU RBA Interest Rate Decision Forecast 2.00% Previous 2.00% DEVIATION: 0.25% (SELL AUD 1.75% / BUY AUD 2.25%)

The Trade Plan

If RBA decides to cut interest rate by 25 basis points, we sell AUD… If RBA decides to keep hike rates back to 2.25%, we’ll buy AUD as market is expecting an unchanged verdict today. Ultimately we are a bit bearish on the AUD as RBA has opened the door for rate cuts and considering recent drop in crude prices, RBA definitely have room for rate cuts…

Important Note: The only time I´d recommend a spike trade is when there are so much momentum pushing this currency that regardless of spread and slippage, you should end up in profit if you just hold on to the trade. For more information on my trading methods,

I’d recommend to use the Recommended Pairs from above as they are based on my CSM, which should provide the best combination of currency pairs to trade based on better/worse news… of course, you can also trade the default pair: AUD/USD.

Outlook Score

Outlook score is derived from market sentiment, focus, and economic indicators for the currency. It represents the long-term trend of the currency and its market perception. In short, a strong Outlook Score means more long-term demand for the currency, and a weak Outlook Score is the opposite.


Australian RBA interest rate is often refers to as the “cash rate target”, also called the official cash rate (OCR) or cash rate. This is the Australian base rate. Banks pay this interest rate when they take out a loan with a maturity of 1 day from another bank. By buying or selling bonds and other securities issued by the government the RBA can influence the money supply and thus the cash rate target. A rise or fall in the cash rate often also leads to a change in the interest rates for mortgages, loans and savings.

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