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USD/JPY – Formed A Reverse Head And Shoulder Pattern

USD/JPY – Formed A Reverse Head And Shoulder Pattern

The USD/JPY pair has broken the neckline of its reverse head and shoulder towards the upside on a 4 hour time frame. The reverse head and shoulder patterns are one of the most traded patterns because of their reliability in completing their projection. The pair’s projected level could push the price beyond its resistance zone, which is mentioned below. In addition to this, the pair is also trading above its 50 and 100 day moving averages (shown in yellow and red respectively) which further gives the strength for this pattern. Having said that, the pair is testing the neckline of this reverse head and shoulder pattern once again and there is also a probability of us experiencing a complex reverse head and shoulder pattern which has two right shoulders.

The RSI and the MACD are trading in line with the most recent price action which means that the bias is towards the downside and the price movement is backed by the momentum.


Important Zones

120.05-119.78 Minor Support

118.75-118-.50 Major Supoort

122.91-122.69 Minor Resistance

125.85-125.64 Major Resistance

Disclosure & Disclaimer: The above is for informational purposes only and NOT to be construed as specific trading advice. responsibility for trade decisions is solely with the reader.

by Naeem Aslam

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