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We Should See Dollar Gains Developing Over The Week

We Should See Dollar Gains Developing Over The Week

Hmmm, Friday was rather a weird old day – nothing like I had expected. Even EUR/USD made a new high but I’m pretty certain that it was the final high. Therefore, over the coming week – to the 5th September I’ll be out of touch and I’ll begin from the 6th August. I shall be looking at the charts just to keep track of how things develop otherwise I couldn’t do 7 days of analysis in one day…

What I have done is provide a broad outlook for the 6 pairs. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be a weird and wonderful development. Only the corrections will need some care on the way through. However, once we begin on the bullish road again we’re going to see some jolly spanking Dollar gains so we should see a stronger move towards the daily/weekly targets that I have in mind. No, I don’t think one week will achieve that but what I have done is provide a template as to how the Dollar bullish development should develop.

I’ll be leaving Tokyo at 30 degrees and landing in London at 20 degrees – and down to 10 degrees overnight. Sounds bad but the humidity we have been having is making me mouldy!

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